Creative workshop on paper making


The creative workshop, fourth in a row, is part of the celebrations related to the 75th anniversary of Poster and Visual Communication and organised within the Open Competition for Scientific and Artistic-Creative Activity at the National Academy of Art.
Paper is already such an integral part of our being, natural, implied, imperceptible that we rarely ask ourselves the question of where it came from, what it is, how it is made. Thanks to it, the global progress of our civilization is actually possible, and its applications are innumerable. Its history, methods of production and its peculiarities are part of the current creative workshop, the leader of which is Diyan Pavlov – Jimmy, a specialist with many years of experience and interests in the field of classical printing technologies, hand-made paper production and the history and theory of writing. He is the creator of the "O'Pismeneh!" Workshop in Pleven, where he periodically holds lectures and workshops on the discussed issues in an attractive and intriguing format.
Jimmy will take attendees on a journey through ancient eras and civilizations, and introduce them to the means, materials and ways of writing in the millennia before paper, then tell and demonstrate in an engaging way the making of handmade paper using the ancient Chinese technology of ts'ai lun .
It is planned that those who wish will have the opportunity to make their own sheet of handmade paper from recycled paper and feel the magic of its creation. Everyone who wants to be observers and listeners only is also welcome.
The event will be held on 28 April (Friday) 2023, starting at 2:00 pm, Atelier 404, New Academic Building of the National Academy of Art in Sofia (1 Shipka St.)