Exhibition 120 years NAA. The Lecturers


9 – 25 March 2017, 6 Shipka Gallery
Union of Bulgarian Artists
Opening – 9 March (Thursday), 06:00 pm
The State School of Drawing, whose proud successor today is the National Academy of Art, opened doors in the beginning of October 1896. The current exhibition is one of the events with which NAA commemorates the 120th anniversary since its establishment. From a historic perspective, 120 years can be perceived in a different way depending on the situational context and on the viewpoint. In the general chronology of the European academic tradition, our anniversary is relatively short. In the course of the new Bulgarian history though, it acquires considerable dimensions, marking the establishment of the first higher educational institution of arts, actually – one of the oldest ones in the Balkans as well. Ever since its establishment, the Academy has been the spiritual home for generations of remarkable artists and art historians who have devotedly worked towards the building of Bulgarian artistic culture and its integration into the European space. The artists’ traditional collective exhibitions over the years have always been a reason to commeasure the Academy’s cultural scale, achievements of its leading personalities and its place in the artistic life of our country. The first similar exposition, organised on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the State School of Drawing, was followed by a number of significant activities among which in present time the exhibitions dedicated to the 110th and 120th anniversaries of NAA are specifically distinguishable.
For the academic community the entire academic year 2016-2017 passes under the sign of the historical 120th anniversary. Many activities held at Academia Gallery, around the country and abroad are under the same denominator. In November 2016, the exhibition “NAA - 120 Years. The Rectors” which personifies the stages of academic development through the artwork of the twenty-five Rectors of the Academy over the past twelve decades, original markers in the course of the new Bulgarian plastic culture. The current exhibition portrays the lecturers of the National Academy of Art today – artists who preserve the academic identity and at the same time accept the challenges before the Contemporary Visual Arts. In the exposure are depicted 130 authors whose works are separated between the two buildings of the Academy – the Faculties of Fine and Applied Arts and in their frameworks – the individual specialties and departments. Thus the exposure demonstrates the entire structure of the Academy, the functional organization and opportunities of the different specialities and last but not least of course, the creative profile of its lecturers. When compared the works in the exhibition create a very concentrated and multilingual art environment where outlined are the features of the personal style of each artist on one hand and the common tendencies for the particular art on the other. The exceptionally diverse in plastic and ideological terms transformation of art formulas unfolds on a wide range of art: from the traditional techniques to the so-called “optical media”, used as a tool for creating the contemporary art, and from the classical easel works to the industrial realisation. With an active meeting between the different art conceptions the exhibition positions in a specific discourse the transitory dynamics in the development of education in our country as well as the current events in the contemporary visual culture. By virtue of the talent of its lecturers the Academy preserves its special gravitational force which makes its role unique in both - the tradition of the past and the perspective of the future.