Exhibition INNER SALVATION in Burgas


28 October – 25 November 2022
Atelier Gallery, National Academy of Art – Burgas Branch
Magazia 1, Floor 2, Port of Burgas
Opening on 28 October (Fri) at 5:30pm
The exhibition was presented in Sofia at the gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, 1 Shipka Street, in September 2022.
Curators: Velina Taskova, Dona Georgieva, Georgi Todorov, Maria Kodinova, Marko Daniel, Nadia Rusova, Sofia Rangelova, Tony Boyadzhieva
Artists: Victoria Antova, Elena Kapelova, Ivan Todorov, Lyuboslav Boyanov, Lyuboslava Nikolaeva, Simeon Dimitrov – Somi, Hanko Sedefchev, Yana Papazova
In this project, eight art critics and eight artists from different fields of visual arts – students at the National Academy of Art – make their creative debut, discussing current common human and socio-cultural issues united by the theme "Inner Salvation".
"Inner Salvation" is the fourth edition of the Zones of Contact project of Supporting Art in Bulgaria Foundation. It is organised in partnership with the National Academy of Art and the Union of Bulgarian Artists, and the specific occasions are two anniversaries – 125 years since the establishment of the State School of Drawing and 50 years since the establishment of the academic specislity programme in Art Studies.
The project is financed by the Debuts Programme of the National Culture Fund.
The human soul, the inner world of man has been studied for centuries by scientists, thinkers, philosophers and writers, but the realisation of the truth deeply encoded in the individual depends only on him. It can be expressed in many ways, one of them is art in the variety of its manifestations and forms. The creative act is a reflection, emotional and spiritual expression of inner tension, provoked by positive or negative emotions, by objective or subjective realities. In fine art, it is a visual metaphor, a way of expression, but also a way to find inner balance or to escape from reality. These feelings are complex and personal for each artist, and their visual expression should be carefully preserved and curated. In the exhibition of the self-expressing artist, the creator is the essence, whereas the curator is the prism that refracts it. Curators do not change the artist's thoughts and feelings, but make the connection between the artist and the viewer, modeling the presentation of the artistic works so that they are perceived and understood.
The challenge faced by the artists participating in the current project is to reveal to the viewer their most personal, most intimate experience–the search and finding of their inner salvation. Perhaps one of the most intimate moments in an artist's work is to draw attention to himself and reveal his personality to the watchful eye of the public, while the curator's task is to understand and master the raw emotion and create a refuge for the artist amidst the chaos of society by acting as a mediator.
8 artists, 8 curators, 16 works, and 16 different stories are told in the curatorial project "Inner Salvation". It presents the artists' intimate, personal view of the world and of themselves, synthesising the emotions and ideas of the contemporary artist.