Exhibition of Angel Tilov


November - December 2015
NAA, Shipka Street # 1
Opening - 12 November 2015, 16:00, NAA. Shipka Str. #1, 3rd floor.
Poster and Visual Communication Department presents to the attention of students the poster exhibition of Angel Tilov – an artist, who worked in the fields of painting, watercolors and graphic design. The works are arranged on the second and third floor of the Academy at. Shipka Street  # 1. Accomplished before and after September 9, 1944 these works of craftsmanship, color and composition impress today's viewer with some advanced graphics solutions.
Angel Tilov is one of the pioneers of Bulgarian poster. His works are a valuable medium of the spirit and aesthetics of different styles of his time.
This exhibition is beneficial and necessary for all students at the Academy who want to complement and expand their knowledge.