Exhibition of Graduates in Wittgenstein House • Vienna•


From 1 to September 11, 2014 in the Bulgarian Cultural Institute Wittgenstein House Vienna was held educational and creative residence for students of the Academy – third edition. Eight students selected through contest at the annual exhibition of Bachelor graduates, class of 2013–2014 arranged in the gallery area of ​​the Wittgenstein House some of their diploma works. Head of the project was Professor Maya Bogdanova.
During their stay the participants had a workshop titled Boundaries. Creative interpretations of the students were united in a common project (installation), presented to the audience. Young authors’ installations showed that the boundaries of art are where artistic imagination reaches and recalled what Hugo Ball said in the last century “... denial of any rules, removal of all prohibitions seems to be the only answer”.
During the summer creative residence Bachelor graduates from the Academy visited the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna and were informed about the educational programs at some of the majors: Stage and Film Design, Industrial Design, Painting, Graphic Design Advertising Design and Fashion.
Creative residence of students NAA Wittgenstein House was fruitful, exciting and filled with many emotions. The works of the participants in the exhibition impressed the guests with professionalism and unusual ideas.
The exhibition will continue until October 7, 2014.
Gabriela Krumova Petrova – Painting;
Mila Chavdarova Yaneva – Book and Printed Graphics;
Karina Kostadinova Talpova – Poster and Visual Communication;
George Vaskov Dzhandzhov – Woodcarving;
Anna Dimitrova Apostolova – Scenography;
Stela Ivanova Gecheva – Textiles – Art and Design;
Maria Georgieva Tsakova – Advertising Design;
Elena Asenova Zlateva – Fashion.