FUTURE IS COMING Annual Fashion Show of the Department of Fashion Design


The annual fashion show organised by the Department of Fashion Design will be held on 13 June 2022 (Monday) at Academia Gallery, National Academy of Art. The event will showcase the students' new fashion collections, which demonstrate the artists' innovativeness and modern and trail-blazing visions. This is an experimental project which explores the capacities of fashion as a tool for communication - a medium between self-perception and the surrounding reality. The main goal is to show the process of creating one's own designer clothes and how the produced garment or accessory allows for a field of different identities and profiles of the person.
Тhe first part of the fashion show, starting at 7:00pm, will be a demonstration of clothing and accessories designed and created by first-, second- and third-year students. The event will culminate with showcasing the collections of this academic year graduates.