International Summer Academy and Symposium - Ahtopol 2015


1-10 September, 2015
Creative Residence of NAA (Greek school), Ahtopol
From 1 to 10 September, 2015 in the Creative Residence of the Academy in the town of Ahtopol will be held the International Summer Academy - Ahtopol, which includes the creation of sculptures of wood, stone and metal, and paintings.
During the current year the Summer Academy brought together leading academics and artists from the fields of painting and sculpture, who accepted the challenge to switch roles. Thus sculptures will be designed and fulfilled by the participating teachers of painting while their colleagues working in the field of sculpture will create paintings. Interesting perspectives and creative visions and messages will be shown. Participation in the Summer Academy will take Norbert Tsukershteter from Zalzburg, Austria, who will work in the field of sculpture.
The created works will be included in the existing exposition in the Creative Residence of NAA (Greek school), Ahtopol, which contributes to boosting the aesthetic setting of the city and the development of cultural tourism.
Participants: Prof. Andrey Daniel, Prof. Ivaylo Mirchev, Prof. Vihroni Popnedelev, Assoc. Prof. Kiril Bozhkov, Prof. Emil Popov, Prof. Peter Bonev, Prof. Georgi Georgiev, Prof. Mitko Dinev, Prof. Emil Mirchev, Prof. Svetozar Benchev, students majoring in Woodcarving - Simeon Petkov, Ilian Ivanov, Kristian Dimitrov, Alexander Kirilov, Norbert Tsukershteter from Zalzburg, Austria.
International Summer Academy – Ahtopol, 2015 is supported by the Municipality of Tsarevo and Ahtopol Town Hall and with the support of Societe Generale Expressbank - the main partner of the National Academy of Art.