Lecture on Combinatorics delivered by Prof. Dr. Velichka Minkova to students at the Burgas Branch of the National Academy of Art


On 6 March 2023, at the Burgas Branch of the National Academy of Art, Prof. Dr. Velichka Minkova delivered a lecture on Combinatorics. Viewed as a form-making method, combinatorics invokes nature laws and principles, using the visual language of geometry. Due to the broad thematic scope of the lecture, it was divided into three modules.
The first module was an examination of basic principles and mechanisms of form-making, which have been artistically interpreted in the projects of students from the Department of Design in Advertising, of Design for Children's Environment, of Textiles – Art and Design, of Metal, and others at the National Academy of Art.
In the second module, Prof. Minkova commented on her works (computer graphics), which were part of the solo exhibitions Squares (2007), Vedart Gallery, Sofia; In the Beginning Was the Network (2021), Etude Gallery, Sofia; Modulart (2023), TechnoMagicLand, Sofia, and international exhibitions organised by Brides Organization.
In the third module, the audience learned about the world forums which make a connection between art and science. As a participant in the Mathematical Art Exhibition – Joint Mathematics Meetings 2021, Prof. Minkova presented both her works and those of other artists showcased in the exhibition.