New issue of e-journal Art & Critique – Volume 3/Issue 1/Year 2022


The new issue (VOLUME 3/ISSUE 1/YEAR 2022) of the ART & CRITIQUE Journal, the electronic publication of the National Academy of Art for scholarly and critical interpretation of current issues in visual arts, is already available. The e-journal issue presents 9 scientific papers by the authors Radoslav Muglov, Nora Karalambeva, Zlatka Yaramova, Petko Tanchev, Polya Tarkoleva-Ovcharova, Boyana Pavlova, Natasha Noeva and Emilio Bόrata, in the sections Scientific Announcements, Operational
Critique, and Doctoral Research. The selected articles consider diverse topics of the scientific research conducted by doctoral students and current matters in the artistic life.
The next issue (VOLUME 4/ISSUE 1/YEAR 2023) of the electronic journal is forthcoming.