Nia Topalova, Fashion Design student at the National Academy of Art, has won an internship at the studio of fashion designer Iris van Herpen


Nia Topalova, 4th-year student in Fashion Design at the National Academy of Art, has won the opportunity to work as an intern with the world-famous fashion designer Iris van Herpen. Nia has been selected among many other designers from around the world. Her internship will last until November 2023. Currently, she is preparing for participation in Paris Fashion Week.
Iris van Herpen's work is magic to me and I wanted to relate as much as I could and understand both the process and every step behind what she creates. To have close contact with a designer of such a class, as she is in the atelier every day, is an extraordinary chance!, shares Nia Topalova.
Prof. Dr. Yana Kostadinova, Head of the Department of Fashion Design at the National Academy of Art, happily shared that The news is great! Nia is extremely smart and talented, it is always worth supporting such students! Along with everything else, this recognition is also a huge success for our department!. Prof. Lyubomir Stoykov said that "students like Nia Topalova give even more meaning to our teaching work! I am greatly respected by the conceptual and avant-garde direction of her style!”.
Nia Topalova is one of this year's scholarship recipients of Golden Needle 2022 Fashion Academy. In addition to financial funds for the purchase of sewing equipment and for educational purposes, she was also awarded with a special photo shoot for the creation of a portfolio in connection with the defense of her thesis. In addition to the photographer Dilyan Markov, Prof. Lyubomir Stoykov, Helena Todorova, Veronika Stefanova and Alexander Ivanchev (V&A Glamour beauty salon), and Viktoria Stefan (Derma Life) participated in charity.
The charitable initiative is the result of the joint efforts of the Academy of Fashion, photographer Dilyan Markov, three times winner of Golden Needle, and Ekaterina Svecheva, top fashion model, influencer and face of Golden Needle 2022.