Opening of exhibition "75 Years of Poster and Visual Communication"


11–30 September 2023
Opening: 19 September 2023 (Tuesday), 6:00 pm
Atelier Gallery, National Academy of Art, Magazia 1, Port of Burgas
The exhibition features images of both posters and works in the fields of visual communication, visual fantasy, typeface, and calligraphy, created by BA and MA students in the last five years in the indicated segments of Poster and Visual Communication education.
The aim is to present the variety of educational tasks and the results achieved in relation to them. This in itself makes it possible to determine to what degree the students have developed in the fields of poster, graphic design, and visual communication. The exhibition also reflects the contemporary trends in terms of mutual relations between the young artists' creative pursuits and modern society as a whole.
Along with printed materials, the exposition includes an interactive part (multimedia design) – the results achieved by the students in the fields of screen graphics and web design, and a series of images presenting various events and activities of the Department of Poster and Visual Communication.
The exhibition is the final event in the programme for opening the sixth academic year at the Burgas Branch of the National Academy of Art.