Project •Urban letter•


Dedicated to 24 May – Day of Bulgarian Enlightenment and Slavonic Letters
An initiative of Poster and Visual Communication Department 
National Academy of Art
The initiative of Poster and Visual Communication Department as part of the National Academy for the celebration of one of Bulgaria’s most revered days - May 24 –already acquired traditional character and this year is being held for the fourth time. Letters, which are the main focus of attention, are viewed in each project in a different aspect and from a different perspective. This publication aims to manifest the symbiosis between letters and the urban environment. Students from the Department, using photography, discover and record different letters of the Cyrillic alphabet hidden in the streets, parks and buildings of the city. Thus, they provoke spectators to view in an unconventional way the surrounding reality and find unexpected, existing but not discovered until now elements. The idea that letters are literally all around us, not only in advertisements and in the press, is the main motive of the project. Anyone could find them with a little imagination, and often these uncultivated letters are more harmonious, more immediate, full of internal energy and originality, starting points for new insights and ideas.
This year's initiative has two major events. You could see it first on the fence of the National Academy opposite the National Library (Vasil Levski Blvd), and secondly, in the television gallery show The Day Starts with Culture, an initiative of Bulgarian National Television and NAA.