Providing Accessible and Energy Efficient Infrastructure for Educational Activities at The National Academy of Art


Final press conference on BG161RO001/1.1-07/2009/014 "Providing affordable and energy-efficient infrastructure for educational activities in the National Academy of Art "
On August 27, at the Academia gallery of the National Academy of Art was held a final press conference of the project "Provision of affordable and energy-efficient infrastructure for educational activities in the Academy." Project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria.
The project duration is 18 months – from 29 February 2012 to 29 August 2013. The total project cost is 1 803 911.71 lev. EU contribution is 85%, national contribution is 10% and 5% financial contribution of the Academy.
Participants in the final press conference were Prof. Svetoslav Kokalov – Rector of the National Academy of Arts and Borislav Stankov – Head of the Economic Department of the National Academy.
The press conference was attended by Ms. Elena Georgieva – Head of the Southwest Region of the Ministry of Regional Development, Mrs. Radostina Kolev - Director of "State Property and Procurement" at the Ministry of Education and Science, members of the project team, members of the management of the Academy, journalists, experts and lecturers.
The Rector of the Academy presented the project activities in the buildings of the Academy at 73 “Tsarigradsko Shosse”  and 100 “G.M.Dimitrov”.
Through the effective and efficient management of tasks and activities following the results were achieved:
• Building access for people with physical disabilities to both buildings of the establishment;
• ensuring equal access to educational services of the Academy.
• Replacing window frames;
• Making the thermal insulation of external walls and roof terrace;
• Reducing coefficient of heat transfer through the building;
• Reduction of energy consumption, reducing energy costs;
• Bringing the buildings under the required sanitary standards for thermal comfort;
• ensuring normal conditions for the functioning of the educational process in the academy.