Sofia Paper Art Fest


AMATERAS Foundation presents for the fifth time Sofia Paper Art Fest in the period 7 May - 6 June 2015. In this year's edition participate 152 visual artists from 32 countries in both sections for professional artists.
In the fifth edition of the Sofia Paper Art Fest the National Academy of Art will present two exhibitions and participation of students from the National Academy in the Night of Museums.
Paper is a material that combines numerous functions of application, but is also a material loaded with deep symbolism. This allows it to be treated polyvalently - as material and spiritual message.
The diversity that paper brings in everyday life is well-known to everyone, but we can be really surprised when we see the works of art created with it.
Great is the challenge in different formats, techniques and a wide range of implementations shown by NAA in the Sofia Paper Art Fest.
The Other Visage of Paper I Exhibition
Works of students and teachers
Period - May 12 to June 6
Opening - May 12 (Tuesday) 16:00
Address: National Academy of Art
Dr. G.M. Dimitrov Blv. 100
The Other Visage of Paper  II Exhibition
Works of students and teachers
and a fashion show with costumes made from paper
by students in Fashion and Scenography
Period - May 12 to May 30
Opening - May 12 (Tuesday) at 19:00
Address: Serdika Gallery
Stefan Stambolov Blv.
Participation of students from NAA in the Night of Museums
Paper Street - outside area in front of VIVACOM ART HALL
Students from the Art Academy will show their works and will parade with their paper clothes and masks.
Paper street will be open from 18:00 to 24:00.