SUMMER PHOTOGRAPHY ACADEMY–AHTOPOL 2021 exhibition by students and teachers


Vernissage: 4th June 2022 (Saturday), 6.00–8.00pm
Center for Contemporary Art and Library, Floor 4 Hall
41, St. St. Cyril and Methodius Street, Burgas
On 4th June 2022,  the annual photo exhibition of teachers, MA students pursuing the Master's degree programme in Photography and doctoral students from the Department of History of Art, will be opened at the Center for Contemporary Art and Library, Burgas. It presents the results from the plein air held in September 2021–Summer Photography Academy at the creative base of the National Academy of Art (Greek School), Ahtopol. Participants in the exhibition are all academic specialties students, who use photography as a means of expression to create art. The techniques are diverse, strictly individual and free in terms of choice. The plein air, an initiative of the Master's degree programme in Photography, included practical classes, lectures and discussions.
The exhibition reveals the wide creative imaginations of the plein air participants, who relied on their own sense of time and place, individual interpretation of the sea theme and a different photographic approach. The photo exhibits clearly reflect their personal impressions of the ten-day stay in the seaside town.
Part of the exhibition are the works by first-year students pursuing the Master's degree programme in Photography, whose researches are related to their work with classical photography techniques and approaches in urban and studio environments. The students present their individual preferences, expressed through the media of photography. For purposes of the current exhibition and as part of their training, the students were involved in a curatorial selection process. The exhibition is a complete outcome–material in the format of contemporary digital high-quality photo prints, appropriate for presenting in traveling exhibitions round Bulgaria and abroad.
Artists: Ivan Stefanov, Zdravko Sirakov, Velina Kokalova, Genadi Gatev, Ivan Kyuranov, Rosen Toshev, Toma Galov, Martin Seychev, Kaloyan Bogdanov, Nadezhda Pavlova, Yoana Angelova, Nadezhda Pavlova, Lilyana Karadzova, Simona Halacheva, Karina Popova, Maria-Magdalena Petrova, Vladislava Grigorova, Anelia Buchova, Maria Rupova, Katarina Yaneva, Yana Popova, Yana Grivishka, and Velina Kokalova