10 Years Bulgaria in NATO


Poster exhibition
Exhibition, initiated by the Institute of Culture to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and produced by the National Academy of Art.
Opening April 25 (Friday),18:00
25 April – 15 May 2014
The Mission Gallery, State Institute for Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2, Alfred Nobel str. (entrance from Alexander Zhendov str.)
On April 25 at 18:00 at the Mission gallery was opened the exhibition 10 years Bulgaria in NATO. The opening was attended by Mr. Solomon Passy, ​​who was the first to suggest Bulgaria to join NATO and finalized it as foreign minister during the government of Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Ms. Lyudmila Dimitrova, Director of the Cultural Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Solomon Passy congratulated the authors of the posters. Prof. Georgi Yankov and Mr. Solomon Passy handed certificates to the winners of the student competition. The opening was attended by the Rector of the Academy, Prof. Svetoslav Kokalov, as well as participants in the exhibition.
The posters constituting the exhibition were selected after a competition announced among undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Poster and Visual Communication, Book and Printed Graphics and Design in Advertising at NAA.
Due to the high level of performance of the participants two winners were selected: Georgi Pavlov and Adelina Doncheva - PhDs at the Poster and Visual Communication Department. Other posters selected for the exhibition are those of Atanas Giev, Daniela Draganova and Yana Yaneva from Poster and Visual Communication; Nikolay Petrusenko from Book and Printed Graphics and Lora Hubanova from Design in Advertising.
Besides the posters selected through competition, the exhibition includes posters created on the theme by some of the professors and lecturers in NAA: Todor Vardzhiev, Ivan Gazdov, Bozhidar Yonov, Georgi Yankov, Nikolay Mladenov, Iliya Gruev, Stoyan Dechev, Teodor Liho and Svetlin Balezdrov.
The exhibition of posters titled Ten Years Bulgaria in NATO was presented at the International Conference The Future of NATO, dedicated to the tenth anniversary of Bulgaria's membership in NATO and held on 3rd and 4th April in the Central Military Club in Sofia.