The Department of Scenography participating in Prague Quadrennial 2023


The Department of Scenography of the National Academy of Art is participating for another year in the prestigious Prague Quadrennial 2023, which is taking place from June 7 to 18, 2023 in Prague.
The Prague Quadrennial is one of the world's most prestigious scenography forums. Each edition is thematic and artists from all over the world have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and experiences. The theme of the 15th edition of the Prague Quadrennial in 2023 is RARE/PRECIOUS – the idea of unique, natural, raw – concepts that give way to the imagination. The context in which this topic is considered is the global situation of recent years, the uncertainty of the times, factors that highlight even more art in any form as an irreplaceable value of a person's life.
Living Things – the Bulgarian students pavilion represents an installation-performance by representatives of the four Bulgarian academies and universities which offer training in the field of scenography. The event is curated by Boris Dalchev, Mihaela Dobreva, Daniela Nikolchova, Hristina Dyakova, and Vesela Statkova.
The concept of the students' project is related to the Praque Quadrennial 2023 theme that encourages creative meetings to nurture strong and courageous teams. Teamwork is a rare quality these days, but it is essential to the stage designer's job.
Living Things explores various everyday objects and their function, specific colours and fabrics taken from the flea market. The artists offer an unconventional point of view to these objects through designer costume solutions. The abstract performance places the audience in unexpected situations and shares our perspective on the socio-cultural phenomena of the market.
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