The exhibition •Law and Justice• in the Bulgarian National Television gallery


On September 9 the National Academy of Art and Bulgarian National Television presented the exhibition “Law and Justice” in the gallery of TV show “The day starts with culture”.  After its premiere last year at the Social Court of Potsdam and Mission gallery of the State Institute of Culture Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the collection was presented last week at the courthouse in Tunisia and Dusseldorf.
“This initiative aims to strengthen intercultural dialogue and help to overcome some contradictions between the law and justice. Human rights and the arts are living tools that endure constant evolution in time and space. They are created by people and for people. We're the ones who need to give them meaning and life,”  said in his speech, Mr. Dimitar Shalev, representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Tunisia. 
The exhibition will visit Berlin in December and Munich in January.
The collection includes the work of lecturers in Poster and Visual Communication  Prof. Ivan Gazdov, Prof. Georgi Yankov , Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Mladenov and Milena Abanos.