The Existent Ones, exhibition by students from the Department of Metal


9 – 22 June 2023
Opening: 9 June 2023, 6:30 pm
Sredets Gallery, Ministry of Culture, 17 Al. Stamboliyski Blvd
The exhibition aims to present the best educational and creative results of all the students currently pursuing Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.
The great variety of genres of artistic treatment of metals reflected in the curriculum requires consistent familiarisation of the students with the rich cultural heritage of our lands, with theoretical knowledge about the properties of metals, with the methods of design and composition, shaping and visualisation of a conceptual project, with the various practical techniques and technologies for creating a work of art – from miniatures to monumental works, "from iron to gold".
Participating artists
1st year, Bachelor's degree – Gergana Bernardova, Daniil Danailov, Nikola Andreev and Nia Staridolska
2nd year, Bachelor's degree – Alexandra Popova, Victoria Dimitrova, Dziatsen Huang, Karina Ambartsumyan, Nikola Mihov, Nia Dimitrova, and Huiyen Luo
3rd year, Bachelor's degree – Darin Kostov, Dimitar Ivanov, Dona Konstantinova, Martina Dragova, Monika Zasheva, Nikol Alexandrova, and Petya Todorova
4th year, Bachelor's degree – Miglena Alexandrova and Denilin Georgiev
1st year, Master's degree – Atanas Borisov, Vasilena Stancheva, Petya Taneva, and Tsvetan Panayotov