The Yes! For life! contest of the National Agency for Medical Supervision and the National Academy of Art for creating posters dedicated to donation has ended


On the initiative of the Executive Agency Medical Supervision (EAMS) and with the support of the National Academy of Art, a competition dedicated to donation and transplantation was held, in which students from the Academy participated. A committee of representatives of IAMN and the National Academy of Art reviewed the received poster proposals and determined three winners, who will receive subject prizes – graphic design tablets – from the executive director of EAMS, Ms Ivanka Dineva. The creative solutions and visual messages of the posters depict the gesture of donation as a life-saving and noble act, as a humane act through which a part of the person continues to live in other people even after their death.
Competition winners
Georgi Georgiev – pursuing Master's degree programme in Visual Communication
Iliana Baneva – second-year student, Poster and Visual Communication, Burgas Branch
Yana Baltajieva – fourth-year student, Poster and Visual Communication
A selection of the posters submitted to the competition will be presented in a series of exhibitions in Sofia and regional cities in Bulgaria. The exhibitions are part of the National Campaign in support of donation and transplantation "Yes! For life!".
As of 4 October 2023, 861 Bulgarian citizens in need of a transplant live with the hope of leading a normal life, having the freedom to move around alone, meet friends, go to an exhibition, theatre or concert. All of them are waiting for a second chance at life, which is only possible through an organ transplant. Due to the insufficient number of donors and the frequent refusal of relatives to donate the organs of the deceased, the Ministry of Health and EAMS launched in 2019 the national campaign to support donation and transplantation under the title "Yes! For life!". The campaign aims to raise public awareness of the nature and importance of organ donation.
On the occasion of the European Day of Donation and Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells – 7 October – more than 20 municipalities supported the national campaign, and 19 of them illuminated their emblematic buildings with green light.