Two rectors in one POSTER exhibition in celebration of 24th May at the gallery of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Warsaw, Poland


On 24th May–Day of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, the Bulgarian alphabet, education and culture, and Slavic literature, the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Warsaw and the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Poland presented a joint poster exhibition of the Rector of the National Academy of Art in Sofia Georgi Iankov and the Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw Prof. Błażej Ostoja Lniski. This project is an initiative within the long-standing partnership between the two art academies for the exchange of exhibitions, and student and teacher mobility.
The festive evening began with a speech by HE Margarita Ganeva, who emphasised the significance of thealmost 200-year old tradition of celebrating the day. Then followed a speech by the Director of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute Ms Kalina Stancheva, who outlined the mutual cultural connections between Poland and Bulgaria. Words of gratitude were expressed by the two rectors. The official part of the opening ended with a short musical performance–church chants–by the choir to the Warsaw Orthodox Theological Seminary, led by Prof. Wlodzimierz Voloshuk.
Among those attending the vernissage were Polish intellectuals, representatives of the Polish Orthodox Church, Bulgarian expatriates  and a wide range of connoisseurs of Bulgarian culture. Special guest was the archaeologist and historian Prof. Elena Klenina, who was awarded the Golden Age prize of the Ministry of Culture for contribution to the development of Bulgarian culture and spirituality.
On 25th May, at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts the multimedia presentation "Bulgarian Cyrillic Alphabet–Ancient and Modern, or Bulgarian Digital Design in the Digital Age" was made by Ch. Asst. Prof. Svetlin Balezdrov, PhD, from the National Academy of Art in Sofia.