Yes! For Life!


POSTER CONTEST – a joint initiative of the Executive Agency Medical Supervision and the National Academy of Art
Theme:  Yes! For life!
One of the functions performed by the Executive Agency Medical Supervision (EAMS) is to act as a competent body for managing, coordination and control of transplantations in the Republic of Bulgaria in accordance with the Law on Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells. In this respect, among the tasks of EAMS is promoting in society the nature and significance of donation and transplantation.
As of 4 July 2023, 860 Bulgarian citizens in need of a transplant live in hope to lead a normal life, to have the freedom to move independently, meet friends, go to an exhibition, theatre or concert performances. All of them are expecting a second chance for a life, which is only possible through an organ transplant. Due to the insufficient number of donors and the frequent refusal of relatives to donate the organs of the deceased, the Ministry of Health and EAMS launched in 2019 a national campaign to support donation and transplantation under the  "Yes! For life!" motto. The campaign aims to raise public awareness of the nature and importance of organ donation. Yes! For life! emphasises the need to talk about donation with our loved ones – let them be aware of our attitude to the subject. In this way, in case of brain death, we will help them make a decision at time difficult for the family. Within the framework of the initiative, a Donor Card was created, the completion of which has no legal value, but only expresses the card holder's will. 
For more information about the campaign visit the Yes! For Life! website and the FB page of the campaign.
Contest assignments 
Posters on the theme "Yes! For Life!" (in the context of donation)
All BA, MA and PhD students at the National Academy of  Art 
Visual messages should be in the context of:
One donor can save up to 8 human lives through organ donation and save or improve up to 100 human lives through tissue donation.
Donation is life!
Donation is a manifestation of nobility. In this way, a part of the person continues to live even after their death.
The submitted works will be evaluated by a commission, including representatives of EAMS and the Academy. The competition results will be announced in October 2023. 
EAMS has provided material prizes for the first three artists rated highest. In October 2023, a collection of selected posters will be presented at open exhibitions in several cities around Bulgaria. The artists will also receive certificates.
Technical parameters
Poster format: 60 x 80 cm
Performance technique: No restrictions
Files: 60 x 80 or 80 x 60 cm, 150 dpi, CMYK, jpg
Files should be sent to
Deadline for submission: 11:59 pm on 6 October 2023
Each participant can submit up to 3 poster projects.
Each file must contain in its name, the artist's name in Latin characters. Example: IvanIvanov1.jpg, IvanIvanov2.jpg ...
The email message must also contain data about the artist: first and last name, degree, year of study, academic speciality, student's faculty number, phone number.
Other terms and conditions
After selection, the artist whose posters are selected to participate in the exhibitions and the information campaigns will be invited to sign a declaration to grant the copyright to the non-for-profit EAMS and for the needs of this campaign only.
For inquiries please contact Ms Kremena Mizova, EAMS