Department Restoration

The Department of Restoration trains specialists in conservation-restoration of cultural assets. Conservation-restoration is directly involved in the safeguarding and protection of cultural heritage. The large variety of material features of the cultural property, their technological characteristics along with the causes of alteration and decay, requires of conservator-restorer acquiring of specific knowledge in the natural science: physics, chemistry, biology. It allows them to understand the diversity of problems, to communicate with specialists in related fields, and to interpret individually the results obtained.
The training is conducted within a five-years course of study and the students graduate with Masters’ degree. The Programme is the only one in conservation-restoration officially accredited in Bulgaria. The Department also offers PhD studies on individual plans.
Conservator-restorers with Masters’ degree, obtained after full five-years course, is trained to work independently in conservation-restoration of cultural heritage, and are competent in research, documentation, condition assessment, understanding the processes of alteration and decay and the factors causing them. The specialists are competent also in elaboration of treatment concepts/proposals, carrying out the practical treatment of the cultural properties, preventive conservation, monitoring and maintenance, as well providing with after-treatment advice. The training of the students is in accordance with the European requirement for the profession of conservator-restorer and in compliance with the documents of E.C.C.O. end ENCoRE. Graduated professionals are able to communicate discreetly with other specialists such as conservation scientists, curators, managers of cultural heritage, local communities etc.
The learning objectives of restorers are works of arts, mainly in the field of easel and monumental painting. Upon completion of “Theory and practice of art education” graduates acquire professional qualification “Teacher of Fine Art from first to twelfth grade in general education and vocational schools”.
Full-time Lecturers
Assoc. Prof. STEFAN BELISHKI, Head of the Department
Senior Assistant Professor NIKIFOR HARALAMPIEV PhD