Cite des Arts

Cite des Arts – International Art Centre – creative residence in Paris
The National Academy of Art has its own studio in Cite des Arts, where creative professionals – lecturers, doctors and masters, graduates of the first test session can reside. Candidates are selected through a competition held by the NAA. The successful candidates are offered two-month stay in the Cite des Arts. For more information visit the Cite des Arts -
The selection of Cite dez`ar 2015 was held in accordance with the Regulation of the French institution requiring the artists to submit projects to implement during the two-month stay in Paris. The Commission designated two lecturers and eight students.
Assoc. Prof. Robert Tsanev
Chief Assistant Prof. Dr. Momchil Mirchev
Assistant  Ivan Kyuranov

Masters – Faculty of Fine Arts
Anna Metodieva – Sculpture – Shape and Motion MA
Kristina Vutova – Graphic Art MA
Galya Blagoeva – Sculpture MA
Masters – Faculty of Applied Arts
Vasilena Georgieva – Design in Advertising MA
Nadejda Nikolova – Ceramics MA
Anna Bacheva – Digital Scenography and Animation MA