The National Academy of Art realizes mobilities of students and staff members under two projects of the European Programme Erasmus+ in the field of higher education with member states of the European Union (Programme Countries) and third countries outside of the European Union (Partner Countries).

At the end of the 2018/2019 academic year, the NAA has a total of 97 bilateral agreements for exchange of students and staff under the Erasmus+ Programme, signed with institutions in Programme Countries. In addition, the Academy has signed 14 bilateral agreements with institutions in Partner Countries.

During the academic year 2018/2019, 8 new agreements were signed in Programme Countries, as follows: Technical University of Cologne, Germany, University of Bologna, Italy, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland, two new agreements in Izmir, Turkey with the İzmir University of Economics and with Ege University; University of Lisbon, Portugal and the University of Kragujevac, Serbia.


In 2018/2019, 34 students from the National Academy of Art realized exchanges under the Erasmus+ Programme in partner institutions in Europe and 3 students realized student mobility for traineeships. In addition,1 student has carried out student mobility for studies at a partner institution in Montenegro.


During the academic year 2018/2019, the National Academy of Art accepted 16 incoming students from:

Programme Countries - from Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Ireland. They have carried out mobility for studies in the Departments/Programs: Painting, Graphic Art, Sculpture, Industrial Design, Scenography, Metal, Textile Art and Design, Fashion, Design for Children’s Environment, Digital Arts, Porcelain and Glass Design, and Woodcarving .

Partner Countries – during the second semester of 2018/2019 -1 student from the University of Montenegro was accepted in the Sculpture Department on a student mobility for studies under the Erasmus+ Programme. A PhD student from the partner institution in Beijing was accepted in the Textile Art and Design Department at the National Academy of Art.


In 2018/2019 the following mobilities were realized:

Programme Countries - 6 lecturers – staff mobility for teaching:

Prof. Maya Bogdanova, Head of the Department of Fashion, in Zaragoza, Spain

Prof. Oleg Gotchev, Head of the Mural Painting Department, in Riga, Latvia

Prof. Bozhidar Boyadzhiev, Department of Painting, in Reggio Calabria, Italy

Prof. Boyan Dobrev, PhD, Department of Mural Painting, in Antwerp, Belgium

Sen. Lect. Teodor Lihov, Department of Design in Advertising, in Kaunas, Lithuania

Assist. Prof. Veliko Marinchevski, Department of Graphic Art, in Antwerp, Belgium

There were also 4 staff mobilities for training realized as follows:

Dimitrina Spasova, Public Relations Expert, in Pilzen, Czech Republic

Adriana Galabova - Sofronieva, Senior Accountant, in Prague, Czech Republic

Gabriel Peev - Technologist, Department of Porcelain and Glass Design, in Limoges, France

Marina Ruskova, International Relations Expert/Erasmus+ Coordinator, in Venice, Italy

Partner Countries - 3 teaching staff mobilities:

Assist. Prof. Vassil Kolev, Department of Graphic Art, in Beijing, China

Assist. Prof.  Plamen Atanasov, Department of Woodcarving, in Beijing, China

Sen.Lect. Rosen Toshev, Department of Ceramics, in Cetinje, Montenegro


During the 2018 / 2019 academic year, in the National Academy of Art were accepted under the Erasmus+ Programme from:

Programme Countries - 7 lecturers:

Assoc. Prof. Pasquale Direse from Ravenna, Italy, in the Mural Painting Department

Michalina Owczarek from Lodz, Poland, in the Metal Department

Roch Forowicz. PhD from Warsaw, Poland, in the Digital Arts MA Programme

Mariagrazia Tortora, PhD from Aquila, Italy,in the Department of Restoration 

Assoc. Prof. Bahadir Elal, PhD from Istanbul, Turkey, in the Department of Poster and Visual Communication

Prof. Jacek Szewczyk from Wroclaw, Poland, in the Department of Graphic Art

Prof. Hans Portsteffen from Cologne, Germany, in the Department of Restoration

In addition to the above listed incoming teaching staff mobilities, on staff mobility for training in the NAA were accepted :

Evgenia Hristova from Florence, Italy, at the Department of Graphic Art

Partner Countries - 3 lecturers:

Prof. Yang Hongwei from Beijing, China at the Department of Graphic Art

Prof. Xiao Li from Beijing, China at the Woodcarving Department

Assist. Prof. Adin Rastoder from Cetinje, Montenegro in the Woodcarving Department